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It's No Wonder So Many Families Have Chosen WOODBINE!

WHEN ? Now or Over Time ?


The Fact Is

Many Families Spread The Payments Over A Perod Of Time So The Impact is the Least To Their Budgets!

Some Who Retire

Prefer to pay for this all at once, knowing at the end of their working cycle that their  income will be less in retirement !  It really varies based on one's individual needs, wants, and preferences!

What You DON'T Want IS

TO  FAIL TO PREPARE ! That is why getting started is so very IMPORTANT!!

I Don't Think I Can Afford This?

In Most cases that is not true. We have accommoditions for most budgets.  Preplanning gives a Family Time with affordable payments spread over many Years!

Share the big news

In reality, if you think back to your parents it is probably something they likely did not share! Usually It goes quietly into the drawer with important papers? However you will remember if they Didn't Prepare!

DON'T Be Afraid To Prepare !

Most find it uncomfortable to talk about this topic or fear things like.......Will I die sooner?  No ! The fact is, it gives you a  peacefulness, knowing your loved ones will remember that you cared enough to prepare !